Time of day Activity How to perform the Activity
5:00am Wake UP Get up and make your bed, Recite what your thankful for and Brush your teeth
5:10am-5:40am Exercise Do 10 military pushups, 10 staggared pushups,14 pushups, 8 hindu pushups, 30secs of jumping jacks,and 20 wall pushups
5:50am-6:00am Meditate Practice Mindful meditation for 10mins
6:05am-6:30am Pray Sing praises to the lord and read your bible
6:40am-7:00am Breakfast Makes some pancakes with blueberries, make a cup of coffee and make a large bowl of salade for mom and grandmom
7:10am-7:30am Bath Take a quick cold shower, and shave your hair before showering
7:40am-8:30am Cook Make some jellof rice for mom, cook some beans for grand dad and prepare fufu and eru
8:40am-9:30am Socialize Check emails and reply to them, text your friends and family, and Make some important phone calls
9:30am-12:30pm Study(Round 1) Get all assignment from Astravo done, Read your human anatomy and physiology textbook, study chemistry, biology and physics. Later, quiz yourself on what you studied
1:00pm-2:00pm Play the guitar Learn new chords, practice how to play "Oceans" by Hilsong United
2:00pm-3:00pm Spend some time with grandparent Ask them about life, Ask them what they think is best for me, Ask them to tell me an interesting story
3:00pm-8:00pm Study(Round2) Complete all Astravo assignment and revise what you read on Anatome and physiology, Biology, chemistry, and physics